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All our hoods are handmade in our workshop in Amsterdam. Therefore, a lot is possible. Do you want your hood a little higher or lower than our standard sizes? A different color inside? Would you prefer a conical/tapered hood? Or do you want a lampshade that is a little more recessed and therefore falls more over the fitting? Please feel free to contact us.

High End fabric brands

We usually work with high-end fabric brands such as Pierre Frey, Manuel Canovas, Larsen, Elitis, Jim Thompson, Jane Churchill, etc. The colors, embroidery, materials and prints make the difference as far as we are concerned. You will find many colored fabrics with prints such as ikats and African designs. Every print tells you a story. Of course we also have a wide choice of plain fabrics.


Sustainability is our top priority. With us, leftover fabric never ends up in the trash bin! We will make a cushion or wall lamp from it. Have you recently had your curtains shortened and do you have fabric left over? Or do you have a dress that you no longer fit in, but the fabric is so nice? As long as the fabric is suitable, we can in principle make a lampshade from any fabric.


Do you have questions about dimensions and different frames? Or do you have a lamp with a different fitting? We are happy to help, so please feel free to contact us (by telephone). Replacing a fitting and wiring of your lamp is also possible with us.

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