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About the designers

Puck Janssen and Nienke Weggelaar of Atelier Kap & Co. make exclusive lampshades. The Amsterdam friends work together with renowned fabric suppliers. Each hood is a statement piece with a personal touch for your interior.


“We love colorful special prints and the story behind them. Designers are often inspired by images from centuries-old archives or travels they make.”


They are both creative and interior junkies. Nienke's house is a kind of Villa Kakelbont with many surprising combinations, and Puck also loves playing with color and prints.

In 2014, Nienke opened the Weg & Co store in Bussum with her mother Nicolette. They sell vintage furniture and home accessories on consignment there. Lamps are often inserted with a non-matching shade. Customers cannot always see through it, so the lamp remains standing, while the base is often beautiful. That's where the plan arose to start making hoods and they've been overflowing with ideas ever since.

Puck and Nienke do it all together: choosing and purchasing fabrics, customer requests, designing and making the hoods. It runs like clockwork from the start. They work long days, but they love what they do. “Our lampshades are surprising, personal with an occasional touch of humor.”

New finds

“We always keep looking for beautiful fabrics and like to browse through antique and curio markets where we make the most beautiful finds. We make a lamp from an antique bird cage or crazy vase.”

In addition to their collection of fabrics, they often use existing materials. For the label ANNA + NINA they have made beautiful warm red lampshades with a catchy leopard inside from leftover velvet fabric from their previous collection.

In detail

Their exclusive, handmade lampshades are in high demand. They use the most beautiful materials and finish down to the last detail. In addition to the outside of the hood, the inside is just as important. This can also be covered with fabric/wallpaper if desired. They have the lampshade frame coated in gold. They work on behalf of private individuals and companies, such as hotels, restaurants and offices. Independently or in collaboration with interior professionals and architects. For example, they designed a roof for the beautiful farmhouse of Miljuschka Witzenhausen, as well as for actress Jelka van Houten. They have also had great collaborations with influencers such as Romy Boomsma and Billy Rose.

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